Investment Firm

Invest Firm
New York, NY

A Manhattan-based investment firm at Lever House required a one-of-a-kind reception desk, 25-foot-long boardroom table, desk and credenza for the founder’s office, as part of an overall office renovation designed by Leroy Street Studio.  

Moore + Friesl worked with Leroy Street Studio to develop these furnishings following their conceptual designs, where the construction was guided by the requirement to transport each piece via the building’s single elevator which could not accommodate large dimensions.  The various pieces were fully assembled at the fabrication shop, then disassembled for shipping.

The monumental and aerodynamic reception desk (15 feet long and 9 feet at its widest point) features a fluid asymmetrical Corian outer shell and a rectilinear metal desk underneath. The desk’s surface is made of a honeycombed plywood shell with brushed stainless steel exterior, where the data, voice and security cabling is concealed inside cable chases running through the plywood. While the desktop is thin, it supports the Corian shell’s substantial weight.

The lengthy boardroom table similarly features an outer Corian shell with 20-foot-long underlying metal substructure, which doubles as an AV/data/voice cable routing channel. It serves as a framework to hold 7 speakers, 12 pop-up microphones, 4 data and power connection bays. A metal trough running down the desk’s center contains 19 different compartments housing the speakers, microphones and power/data plugs, and is covered by a matching wood veneer that acts as speaker grills, doors to access the power/data, and a base for the microphones.

The founder’s private office required a custom-built desk with a perforated, bent metal monitor screen, and a credenza requiring special millwork to house an exercise ball and built-in planter.  This project reveals a high quality of execution in design and fabrication, but also beauty within the form.