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C1 Credenza

C1 Credenza


Moore + Friesl’s first stand-alone furniture piece intelligently designed by Marcus Friesl uses a single folded piece of thin sheet metal to support both upper- and lower-level wood drawers. It represents Friesl’s belief that an ultra-contemporary furnishing using metal can have warmth and character, not necessarily be cold and uninviting.

Friesl developed an embedded structural system in the drawer units allowing the C1 to span a full seven feet without intermediate supports, and instead of traditional support legs, he inventively bent the metal to resemble “feet,” so the credenza appears to float in space. The handles for the top shelves are “cut” into the metal shell, so there are no extruding handles on the front face, which is a single unobstructed plane. The wood drawers made of gun wood feature a rich grain that esthetically complements the black matte finish on the sheet metal.

The result is an elegant work of art revealing beauty and simplicity within its choice of materials and its unusual and expressive form, which commands visibility and attention.

It is available in custom sizes, and custom wood and metal finishes. The C1 was exhibited in Como, Italy, where it won the Golden A’ Design Award for Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design.