WHAT WE DO: We design. We assist with your design. We develop projects from an initial idea to a fully developed, fabricated and installed project.

WHO WE WORK WITH: We work with owners, architects, designers, contractors and contract furniture reps to provide custom pieces and create interior projects.

HOW WE WORK:  Whichever stage of the project at we are brought on board, whether it’s to design or provide design assistance to the architect, we fully develop every project regardless of material, as a full digital production model which incorporates all material and fabrication tolerances.  We source and coordinate with all suppliers and installers to deliver the finished project.

Terri Moore

Terri Moore is an architect with experience on a wide range of project types, including healthcare, civic and institutional projects. She is passionate about design and has created her own line of silver jewelry.  She volunteers her time with the Association for Women in Architecture and Design, and it currently serving as Vice President of the organization.



Marcus Friesl

Marcus is intensely passionate about all aspects of design down to the intricate details. His brings this passion to developing projects from concept to completion. Marcus holds a Master of Architecture degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI_Arc) and has several years experience working in the field of architecture and design.